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Iridium Sheet:
(Minimum Order 10 Square Inches
Cut to your desired size)
0.001" (.025 mm) $150 /sq. in (645 mm, sq)
0.002" (.050 mm) $300 /sq. in (645 mm, sq)
0.003" (.075 mm) $450 /sq. in (645 mm, sq)
0.004" (0.100 mm) $600 /sq. in (645 mm, sq)
Iridium Wire:
0.003" (.075 mm) $35 per ft
0.004" (0.100 mm) $38.50 per ft
0.005" (0.125 mm) $41.25 per ft
0.006" (0.150 mm) 43.00 per ft
Iridium Filaments
Standard Size:
.0018" thick x .027"w x 3" long
(Custom Length from .5" to 4" Max)
$3.50/per inch of length
($10.50 per 3" Filament)
We can process Gold, Silver, Platinum, Paladium and Iridium into
Foil, Filaments, Wire and Additional Products.

Iridium Slug, Converted to Foil and then punched.
End product was the material punched out.

Iridium Slug, Converted to Foil and then to filaments.     Pre-Production Iridium Wire

If we supply the material, the product price is dependent upon the
"Spot Market Price" for the material
at the time the items are shipped in addition to our manufacturing costs.
Manufacturing cost also vary by the material
due to differences in handling and processes involved.

Please Contact Us for more information or a quote.